TUNISIE SARL is a leading supplier of functional ingredient systems with numerous applications for the food and feed industry. We are providing a full local network with our own specialist warehouse suitable for food ingredients as well local technical support for sales.

Though main presence is in the Tunisian market, INGREDIS TUNISE has also developed and important export activity thanks to its flexibility and competitiveness in Bakery and Confectionary industries.

Our products vary from raw materials (ingredients and additives) to tailor-made solutions for each customer and application. Our range includes mainly Specialities but we are supplying also some Commodities :


Specialities : 


  Commodities : 

- Emulsifiers

- Enzymes

- Lecithins

- Release agents

- Antioxidants

- Fortification blends

- ...



- Acidulants and preservatives

- Starches

- Cereals and flours

- Colours

- Sweeteners

- Thickeners

- Technological fibres

- Flavour enhancers

- Dairy proteins

- Vegetable proteins

- Coating systems

- Amino acids

- ...

For the Food and Nutrition, we are continuously optimising our ingredients portfolio in line with application requirements and customer needs in our market. We provide our customers with a unique ingredients portfolio, consisting of selected ingredients and blends from our own companies. We can provide you with all your required ingredients in the following application areas: Bakery, Confectionary, Meat & Fish, Soups & Sauces, Savoury (ready meals and snacks), Beverage, Dairy, Dietetics and Sport Nutrition, Infant Nutrition. We can also supply gluten free and organic versions for most products.





Our Soursing and Logistics flow optimisation is essential for all of our customers. The service, security and cost efficiency criteria are used in developing the whole of the supply line. We have an operative infrastructure of local warehouses which also achieve flexibility and speed in delivering the products in the most competitive markets.

From freighting ships to sending small batches, passing through bulk and hazardous product transportation, our Company seeks the best logistics solutions in every operation. FCL or LCL contracting anywhere in our area in importation and exportation, quality controls at origin, customs procedures; all form part of our daily work. We are specialists in incoterms, documentary credits, maritime insurance, customs stores, triangular operations, special taxes, ...  

We want to be a partner for our customers as we are for the suppliers and companies with which we work.

Please contact us to have more information on how we can support you to find the right ingredients, or if you are interested in purchase.

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